Tina & Finn - A Modern Love - The Henry Ford Museum, Dearborn
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Sunday 01 November
By Corrina Kulhanek
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It truly is an absolute honor to have been a part of a historical marriage between Tina and Finn.  When I met with these beautiful women and Tina's parents, I was overwhelmed by Tina's parent’s support of and unconditional love for their daughter.  Finn's protective nature of her fiancé was very charming.  The only thing that Finn had almost any opinion on was her ceremony arch and her boutonniere which both turned out REALLY cool!  She is a loving wife to Tina and they truly have magical chemistry. When I first met with these ladies, they had shared with me their appreciation of my support in the fact that this was a same-sex marriage as they had just had a Metro-Detroit based photographer turn them away due to this fact.  At the time I met them, same-sex marriage was still not legally recognized.  Tina's Father and Mother were so traditional in their roles in the planning and it was so amazing.  Tina and Finn are truly blessed.  I believe in love and I believe in my craft.  I put my heart and soul into my "job" so I do not know how I could be true to my craft by feeling I have the right to judge whom someone loves or what marriage is good enough for my contribution.  I am honored in all cases to be a part of someone's love story.  Love is love.  It is a human right.  When the Supreme Court ruled this summer to legalize same-sex marriages, I sent a private message to my clients congratulating them.  Out of all the people they could’ve mentioned on their Facebook acknowledging the Court's ruling, they thanked me...right along with their parents for my support.  I was humbled and blown away.  Their wedding was at the Henry Ford Museum.  A very unique venue!  We designed a very classic fall theme with the floral.  Matt built a stunning branch arch packed full with fall foliage and garden blooms.  It was a beautiful, beautiful, beautiful event for so many reasons.  Thank you Tina & Finn for allowing us to be a part of your special day!